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Years ago, my dad came home from taking our dog, Rita, for a walk and noticed she was limping a bit. After a bit of investigation, he realized there was a dark spot in her paw, and that the whole pad was swollen to the point of being hard.

Our regular veterinarian office was closed, so he immediately got her loaded into the car and drove her to the nearest emergency vet.

After going through the whole signing in process, he finally got her back to see the veterinarian, who took one look at the paw and couldn’t resist laughing… Rita had stepped on an acorn shell and it had gotten lodged around her pad. On the bright side, the vet thought it was so funny, he didn’t even charge my dad for the visit.

*In loving memory of Rita, who died at 17 late last year. This will always be one of my favorite stories about her*

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