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(My younger brother has been getting on my nerves. From everything about how I did something, to how I look expression wise, to my daughters toys, and I’ve had enough when this happened. About 2 weeks ago, one of our cats got caught in the spray of a skunk, and he still stinks to this day.)
Mom: What smells?
Me: Take a look around *points at the stinky kitty*
Brother: Let’s throw him out!
Mom: No! He just needs a bath!
Brother: He f***ing stinks!
Me: You f***ing stink too but we aren’t throwing your a** out.
Mom: *laughing* You gotta admit, after all you said today, that was not just a good one, but that was tame as hell. Consider yourself lucky.
(He was mad at me after, but I shrugged it off and went to use my laptop and grab myself a drink I love. He’s still mad at me.)

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