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I was raised in an area where it is common to wear a bike helmet, but have since moved to an area where it isn’t at all common. As a result it annoys me to see people allowing their kids to bike without helmets. I’m walking to the library with a friend when we see a couple clearly teaching their kids to bike in the skate park beside the library. The kids are maybe four or five and don’t have training wheels or helmets. We have this conversation while looking for books inside.

Me: I hate that. If they don’t bother to enforce helmets now, the kids will never start wearing helmets. They’re not even using training wheels, they’re obviously going to fall!

Friend: Ah, they’ll be fine. I never wear a helmet either.

Me: Why not? A simple fall can be so much less painful with one! And seriously, its just like a hat. You always wear a hat!

Friend: It’s too much effort. And with little kids its easier not to fight with them.

Me: If the kids fall they’ll smash their heads in the cement and end up in the hospital. Surely, that is more hassle?

Friend: I haven’t fallen in years. The kids will be fine.

Me:. They’re just learning and don’t have training wheels. They will fall. Everybody falls when they’re learning. And not protecting their heads from the concrete is negligent.

Just as we were checking out our books the father came running in.
Father: I need bandaids! My daughter fell on your stupid skate park ramp and hit her head! This is all your fault for having a dangerous skate park!

Friend: Ok, even I think it’s the parents fault the kid got hurt and not the librarian’s!

Sadly, I doubt he’ll start wearing a helmet.

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