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A player in my tabletop group went to get a blood donation. Upon arriving there and undergoing all of the paperwork, he learns that due to laws leftover from the 80s AIDs scare, he can’t donate blood because he’s gay and has been in a relationship with another man in the last 12 months.

While he concedes “fair enough” because it is the law – even if it’s an old one that shouldn’t be – what ends up hitting him hard is when he mentions to the nurse he’s fairly sure he doesn’t have AIDs – keep in mind he’s not objecting to be unable to donate. Her response?

“Oh please, all gay men have AIDs, you’re just trying to sneak in here and donate so you can infect people.” followed by a string of under her breath homophobic slurs with racial ones mixed into it since he was also Black.

My friend was so flabbergasted by this he couldn’t even respond and chose to just leave, though his friend who was able to donate said that everyone who overheard her comment jumped on her for it after he left.

After the shock of the statement wore off, about a week later a survey came in from the donation place, and he made sure to tell them every detail of the encounter including the Nurse’s name.

Whether it was his survey or the very public tongue-lashing she got from the other donors drawing attention to her bigoted conspiracy theories, he saw that nurse about a month later looking miserable behind a gas station counter, likely having lost her job and ability to practice medicine for it.

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