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My uncle went with a tour group. Since there were 2 vegetarians, one being my uncle, they had assigned seats together every meal, except when they visited a Buddhist temple and ate at a vegetarian restaurant. The guide mentioned multiple times that morning about the vegetarian restaurant and it’s also listed in the itinerary.

Guide: These 4 tables are all ours, sit where you like.
Uncle: *sits*
Veggie Tourist: *moves to uncle* Hey, why are you sitting there, it doesn’t say veggie.
Uncle: They’re all veggie seats.
Veggie tourist walks off.
Tourist: Hey dude, we’re in a vegetarian restaurant, just sit down anywhere.
Veggie tourist ignores and continues looking.
Uncle: …
Veggie tourist keeps wandering about, ignoring offers to sit by others in the group. He’s still walking around when everyone has claimed a seat.
Guide: Excuse me, sir? Empty seat over there.
Veg tourist: Where are the veggie seats? He *points to uncle* just sat randomly.
Guide: This is a vegetarian restaurant!! Everyone is eating vegetarian here!
Veggie tourist: … Oh. Why didn’t anyone say so?

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