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(This story was relayed to me by my roommate while she was waiting outside the restaurant where she works for a Lyft. A kid about 11-12 walks up to her looking to collect donations for some youth group. Note: My roommate is white, the kid is black)

Kid: Excuse me Ma’am.

Roommate: Hi

Kid: Would you like to donate to (Group)?

(At this point the kid is standing so close to my roommate, their toes are touching, and she takes a step back because it makes her uncomfortable. As she does so, he steps forward. She steps back again, and he steps forward again. This repeats a few more times)

Roommate: Could you f**king stop?

Kid: Who do you think you’re talking to like that?!

Roommate: You!

Kid: If I said that to you, you’d be calling the cops!

Roommate: No I wouldn’t, but you obviously know you’re standing to close and its making me uncomfortable.
(At this she, went to sit in the restaurant to wait. The kid tried to enter to solicit there, but was turned away. He somehow made it past the hostess, and approached my roommate again).

Kid: Hello! Would you like to donate for (group)?

Roommate: If you bother me again I actually will call the cops. This is turning into harassment now.

Kid: How you’re that same girl from before! I didn’t even recognize you!

(At that the kids started counting his money in front of her. Her Lyft arrived and she left quickly)

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