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One of my best friends had recently broken up with her boyfriend of nine years. It was ugly – she caught him in bed with another woman (who up until then was her friend and absolutely knew that they were together). Her ex-boyfriend stayed with this woman, but apparently regretted his actions.

For several weeks after the breakup, her ex sent her hundreds of text messages (which she showed me), first begging her for another chance, saying that he misses her, and that he’s only with this other woman because he’s afraid of being alone. My friend responded kindly, wishing him well, but saying that they are over. Then he started insulting her, and the texts got progressively more abusive. I told her to block him, but I guess she didn’t.

I am meeting her and another friend at a cafe for a girls night, and I get there first. As I’m waiting, I hear shouting outside the window. There’s my friend absolutely screaming at her phone. She comes in, very shaken and says that it was her ex, and he was demanding to know where she was and who she would be with. (I should mention that my friend is one of the most positive people I know, and rarely shouts at anyone.) I remind her about blocking him, and I am relieved to see that she immediately does so. She calms down, we order drinks and start having a nice evening.

About a half hour later, a familiar car pulls up across the street from the cafe. Even if I hadn’t recognized the driver, I would have known the car by its make and model as well as the distinctive bumper sticker of his band. Gently, I tell my friend, “He’s here.” Her back is currently to the window, and she decides not to turn around, but I am kind of freaking out. I text my husband who says he’s on his way to confront the guy. The waitress even offers us the staff back door if we need to leave in a hurry. Fortunately the guy leaves after watching us for about ten minutes.

Later, the ex-boyfriend texts me to tell me a bunch of lies about my friend, and I absolutely lose it at him. I tell him that he was an SOB for treating my friend so terribly and then trying to drive a wedge between us by lying, and that it wouldn’t work. I add that if he ever tries a stunt like the one he pulled at the cafe, I would help her seek legal action and tell him to leave her the hell alone. Then I block him. I hear later that he immediately posted a sob story on Facebook about being unfairly treated.

I thought that would be the end, but here we are, over a year later. The jerk and the girl he cheated on my friend with are still together, have a baby, and are engaged. The woman has proven to be physically abusive, once throwing a frozen burrito at his head and giving him a black eye. (I learn details like this because another friend of mine is in the guy’s band, although he has lost all respect for him.)

About a week after they got engaged, the ex started e-mailing my friend (she said e-mail was the only thing she hadn’t blocked him on) begging her forgiveness and asking if there was any way they could get back together. This happened while he was engaged to someone else! I guess he would only break up with his fiancee if he were sure that he could get back with his ex. It is a testament to how good a person my friend is that she didn’t send his fiancee a screenshot of the e-mail. She prefers to wash her hands of him for good and not give either of them another thought. However, if he harasses her any more, she can threaten to show his fiancee the e-mails. She has marked him as spam, and hopefully that will be the end of it.

The way I see it, both her ex and his fiancee got what they deserve. The fiancee is stuck with a guy who is hung up on his ex, and he has to deal with an abusive wife who he clearly doesn’t love. (The fiancee, I’m told, constantly posts sappy love pictures on Facebook, telling the world how perfect her relationship is and how lucky she is to be marrying such a wonderful guy.) I’m not usually this vindictive, but I’m appreciating this perfect bit of karma. I just feel sorry for their kid.

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