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(Little background I worked at a fast food establishment that sold burgers fries tater tots and other unhealthy things, namely a yearly promotion during summer months called 1/2 price shakes after 8 this transaction happened on a particularly hectic night when a class of sixth graders arrived with at least twelve seperate orders all single item.)
Me: Okay I am sorry for the inconvenience but I do not have the prices memorized I will give you your total when we bring out the food.
*All nod in agreement*
Me:Okay go ahead and order.
*after the first few orders go smooth the spawn of annoyance arrives*
SOA: I want a small vanilla shake.
Me: Alright
SOA: So how much is that?
Me: I don’t have the prices memorized I will give you the total when your food comes out.
SOA: Oookay so how much? *Smiles as if that will help me remember before friend shove her out of the way.*
( The rest of the orders went without a hitch and i thabkfully didnt have to deal with the child again after they left. And as a foot note I am generally a calm person but this was my fifth closing shift in a week filled with entitled customers.)

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