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I’m a water billing clerk who needs to be polite to people complaining about their water bills. I’m happy about there emails I received and sent today.

Good evening,

Why did we receive 2 bills for the same account within 1 hour and each has a different amount due? Also, why do the bills state ‘Late Notice’ on them when this is the first time we, or our tenant, have received a bill for this billing cycle? The bill would have been paid on time if it were received on time. Please provide your feedback on these concerns.

I look forward to your prompt response.

Dear Customer,

Please send me a copy of the duplicates by attachment. I don’t actually see the email bills sent by the billing program.

Your tenant didn’t pay her water bill due April 5th, so her new bill says late account. You get a copy of her bills so you can monitor whether or not she is paying the water bill under your name.

See the second page of your applications for water service. Water bills are due whether or not you have received them. If you haven’t received your bill, it is your responsibility to ask what the amount is, check online or pay a good faith estimate. We don’t control the post office or whether our emails have gone to your junk mail folder. That is why we have a standard date each month.

You still haven’t paid your deposits for your water service. They are $130.00 for each account. They were due before your service began (April). Would you like me to ask council if we should waive the $20.00 in late fees as a goodwill gesture to a new customer?

I look forward to your prompt payment.


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