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One of the girls I used to work with was only trained on front of house and knew nothing about the kitchen.

She had a habit of saying she was missing parts of orders, but by the end of the rush everything she was “missing” would still be on the chute. She wouldn’t read the labels we put on anything, either. A common exchange went something like this:

Her: “what’s this?”

Me: *looks*

Her: *is holding it with the label towards herself, covering it with her hand*

Me: “what’s it marked as?”

Her: “I dunno”

Me: “… Can you look?”

Her: “it’s [whatever]”

Me: “then… it’s… [whatever]”

Another frequent one was

Her: *holding something that isn’t from my station* “[my name] you didn’t make this right. You need to remake it”

Me: “[other person] is working that station, let him know.”

Her: “I just need you to remake it” *walks away without telling me, or the person who actually made it, what it’s supposed to be*

To top it all off, she booked off at least 10 days every month. She once crossed my name out on 3 days I’d booked off for a trip, the first 3 days I’d booked in months, and wrote her name over mine. She got the days off, I didn’t.

She moved away for school or something shortly before I left for a new job myself, but those couple months without her were bliss.

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