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, | Unfiltered | February 25, 2022

Two or three years ago my brother wanted to give me Netflix gift cards for Christmas. He lives in Switzerland and since you can only redeem them in the currency you buy them he couldn’t get them there. So on his way home he stopped at a large electronics store in Germany.

Brother: “I would like to buy some Netflix gift cards.”

Employee: “Sorry, what?”

Brother: “Netflix gift cards.”

Employee: “Net . . .flix. We have tickets for the Flix bus, is that what you are after?”

Brother (confused): “No, but thank you.”

Rinse and repeat at two other locations.
On Christams day he goes shopping with my mum at the local grocery store in our little village in the middle of nowhere and, lo and behold, what do they have next to the iTunes gift cards – Netflix gift cards. We still find it strange that the employees at several locations of a nationwide electronics retailer didn’t seem to know what Netflix was.

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