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Maisy is normally great to work with, her little sayings and ways of workings always make me chuckle.

Since she hit the big 50, I guess she has found things a little difficult, everyone in the office takes a little more time and patience with her, but frankly it can be a bit much at times.


Coworker: my grandad sent me this the other day.


(Its a printed screenshot with the mute icon right in the middle of a family photo.)


Me: oh bless him, how is he doing.


Coworker: definitely going senile that’s for sure, we..


Maisy: (practical shouting) you can’t say that, just because someone is old and can’t manage technology, doesn’t mean you can mock them.


Me: Maisy , calm down . Noone is mocking anyone, why don’t you get some air or something.


Maisy: I won’t “calm down” I will have all of you on report, I will make a complaint


Me: sure, whatever go do it now, your upsetting everyone.


Maisy: fine, fine I will . Mr superiority complex. That is exactly what I will do!


(She storms off, my coworker is clearly upset.)


Me: so when did you get the confirmation it is actually senility?


Coworker: yesterday, it was pretty hard to hear. But we knew it was coming.


(Maisy put in an explicit and exhaustive complaint, how everyone was against her , how we were all ageist and I was the ring leader. One quick chat with HR and we agreed that maisy was being overboard and a bit out of line.

They agreed to not take it further but would talk to her about her approach to others.

Maisy refused to back down and took her complaint to the group level, this started a week of investigations and a month paid suspension for me and coworker.


Of course, nothing came of it, but caused a massive delay in the department with two main members of staff out for a month, I struggled with being out of routine for so long, but it did give my coworker some time to sort out family matters. So silver lining I suppose.

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