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Todays the day my boyfriend’s parents go to church. I’m listening to my boyfriend make a chinese food order for us and his grandpa while getting a shirt out of his closet. I love eating with chopsticks and do so at every opportunity.

Boyfriend: making his order and about to hang up.

Me: I turn to him and mouth chopsticks while making a scissor motion with my fingers.

Boyfriend: oh and three sets of chopsticks please?… okay thanks.

When the food comes theres mo chopsticks. He calls and gets an immediate no. I wait a few minutes then call from my cell:

Me: hey my boyfriend just made an order for us at (his address) and theres not chopsticks and it says chopsticks twice on the receipt and I cant tell if we were charged.

Server: okay what’s the address?

Me: repeats his address with a bit of an attitude.

Server: okay. *I begin to hear him talk to somebody else who I presume is the manager* we can send some.

Me: *playing coy* oh did my boyfriend call earlier? I just stepped into the room and saw no chopsticks and wanted to call and see what’s going on.

Server: oh yes he called a few minutes ago but my manager just changed his mind.

My thoughts: no your manager just knows that of you didn’t I would’ve driven over with the receipt and asked for the chopsticks and he would’ve had to deal with a grumpy Hispanic girl who dont take no shit.

Me: oh well I’m sorry for calling again but thank you for your help *hangs up*

Boyfriend: I’ve never seen anybody bend like that.

Me: yeah cause I can be scary now cuddle me or go eat your food with a stupid fork.

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