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I will hum and sing aloud without thinking. It’s a habit from childhood, encouraged by a family of music-lovers, in a home-schooled environment. It just comes natural to me, but I’ve had several moments in life where I’m reminded that this habit is actually very weird and can be perceived as annoying or inappropriate.

The worst one that I will always remember happened in a math class, part of a 2-day school program I was enrolled in when I was like, 12. We’re completing a test in class, and I have a song in my head per usual. I completely forget where I am and out of nowhere sing a lyric, straight into the quiet classroom. I have a loud voice. EVERYONE looks up and stares at me, and my math teacher looks both entertained and confused.

I blush bright red and laugh because it’s silly but also wonderful to sing.

To this day, I TRY to watch myself and not bother anyone, but this morning my boss had to ask me to stop humming at my desk.

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