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This happened in 98, I was in Grade 3 at the time, so 8 years old.

To start, in Australia we use metric for pretty much everything, but a lot of rulers students get will be metric on one side, imperial inches on the other.

In this particular class, it was two grade 3 classes joined, so these two dinosaurs of teachers could have their joined class together.
At the start of the year, they demanded we turn in our rulers to them, so they could give out ones that were double metric (generally mm on one side, cm on the other).
Being the stubborn kid I was/am, I refused, knowing my mother had thought about this and purposely bought me a double metric ruler when buying supplies for the year.

Being the harpies they are, they didn’t take kindly to a child refusing them, and without hesitation, despite my protests, they kick me out of the class, on the first school day of the year, and left me out there.

About 2 hours later, as the Principal was doing rounds just to check everything was going well on the first day back, he sees this kid sitting outside and questions how on earth I managed to get kicked out of class so soon.

I explain in detail what happened and he immediately marches inside to speak with the two crows in their nest.
A minute or two later he asks me to come inside and take my seat.

I always felt comfortable talking to that principal in future, and eventually became family friends through other avenues, but we could always have small talks just as friends throughout the next four years of my time at the school.

I continued to butt heads with the two old bats, since from day one I saw their flawed outlook of ‘what we say is right and nobody else is’.
It’s been 21 years, and I still remember and despise both those women.

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