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It’s my first day on the job and although I have experience, it’s still pretty confusing.

I’m on till, coworker is getting the customers food and they tell me it’s a corndog. I’m having issues finding it on the screen.

Customer: C’mon slowpoke. (holds out his rewards card) Rewards. Scan.

Coworker comes over, putting his last piece on the counter. I turn to ask where the corndogs are and the customer interrupts.

Customer: C’mon, scan it. (Shoving his card into my co-workers face) She’s slow and not listening.

Coworker: Excuse me, sir, but you can be patient. She’s new.

Me: This is literally my first day. Is this everything?

He did end up forgetting his wallet and having to come back, which was kind of funny in a schadenfreude way.

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