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It’s the mid 1980’s and my mother is working as an assistant manager at large corporation of family friendly restaurants. Her manager considers himself quite the ladies man and has slept with almost all his female staff, if only through his persistence. My mom is the last one that has refused him, so he is constantly flirting and harassing her. One day he propositions her with a note that quoted a popular song of the time, “If you want to know what love is, come to [his address] at 8.” She ignores the note, but makes sure to hold onto it.
One day, a pair of inspectors from corporate arrive to inspect the location and see that it meets their standards. My mom shares the note with them, and they quickly fire the offending manager. Just to be safe, they offer her a managerial position in a different state so that she doesn’t risk him harming her. She is given two options, and chooses to move to El Paso Texas. She eventually meets my father and they are still together 35 years later.

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