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Sometimes when I’m feeling down I’ll sit at my PC, maybe watching a movie, maybe looking at all the things I can’t afford on ebay. But I’ll be sat there feeling worthless and wondering why I bothered to get out of bed and Sif (one of my cats) will creep into my lap. She’ll belly crawl up my legs till she’s pressed up against my torso, staring at me with the most beautiful blue eyes as if asking if it’s ok for her to be so bold, and when I reach over and place my hand on her back she will curl up, purring and pushing herself against me as hard as she can.

She doesn’t want to be petted or fussed over, she’s just happy with that simple contact of my hand on her back and, as she falls asleep, her tail will curl around my wrist in a curiously possesive gesture, ensuring that I keep that hand on her back while she sleeps.

I can’t recall any time I have felt more unconditionally loved than when my rescue cat falls asleep on my lap, clutching my hand to her.

Then she starts snoring and I kinda have to laugh – cat snores are very silly

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