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Note that in the Dutch school system, pupils are split up in different kinds of education at the start of high school, depending on what seems to fit the pupil. The kind I follow consists of “Basic Formation”, taking 3 years, and “Second Phase”, taking 2 or 3 years. For this story, I’m in the 5th year now, so the 2nd year of the Second Phase.

Classmate: ‘It seems I’m failing this year after all. Too many low grades.’

Me: ‘Oh, dear. Pity.’

Classmate: ‘Yeah, it was because I made a miscalculation. I didn’t know that in Second Phase, last year’s grades would count as well.’

Me: ‘You didn’t find out in nearly 2 years?’

Classmate: ‘Yeah, so I miscalculated and figured I could afford one more bad grade and still graduate class.’

Me: ‘Maybe you should just try to get as many good grades as possible?’

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