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(I’m a teenager with severe mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia, OCD, and low asperger’s amongst other things. I’m able to act ok in public but I’m really not ok. Anyway, recently I was prescribed a mood stabilizer on top of the four other meds I’m on and went to the pharmacy to fill that prescription and the other ones as well and encounter a pharmacist I’ve never spoken to before.)

Me: hey I’m (my name) here to pick up my prescriptions.

Pharmacist, barely looking at me: you can’t pick up someone else’s prescription.

Me, freaking out a little: I’m not. Its mine.

(The pharmacist looks up at me and scoffs.)

Pharmacist: you’re what? 16? stop lying. these aren’t your prescriptions and you know it.

Me, freaking out a LOT: yes. They are. They were prescribed by my psychiatrist.

Pharmacist: listen, no one your age has problems that warrant these medications. This isn’t your prescription and there’s nothing wrong with you. Get out before I call the cops.

Me: but-

Pharmacist: listen you little shit get OUT or you can meet up with your little junkie friends at the county jail.

(Upset, I go to find my mom in tears and upon hearing what happened she, fuming with a wrath only a true mama bear could muster, went back up to talk to the pharmacist. She doesn’t say anything, just asks for my prescription, which, surprise surprise. She got them. Then she without breaking eye contact with the bitch, called me over and handed me my meds, making sure to call me by name and then ask for the manager so the pharmacist knew she messed up. The manager came and apologized profusely, even giving me a candy bar on the house. The pharmacist then started screaming about how I was a junkie, how I was going to sell the meds to buy cocaine, and how I had fooled my mom into thinking I was mentally ill when I was really just a spoiled brat who needed better parenting. She got escorted out and I never saw her again. Good riddance. )

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