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(This happened years ago, when I worked at a small, family owned pet store. I was by myself, my coworker was at lunch, when a woman came in. She spoke in the most angry and accusatory tone.)

Customer: You sold my husband the wrong cat litter last night!

(I was taken aback by her angry, and decided to kill her with kindness, out of spite.)

Me: I am so sorry about that! If you have the bag, I will happily exchange it for you.

Customer: Its in my car.

(I ended up going out to her car, carrying in the 40 pound bag, getting the correct 40 pound bag, processing the exchange, and carrying the new back out to her car, all the while being polite and friendly. She was angry and snappish the whole time.)

Me: Okay, you’re all set. I hope you have a lovely afternoon.

(The customer took a deep breath, let it out, and then continued in a much more friendly tone.)

Customer: Thank you, I hope you have a good day too. Do you like strawberries? I just picked these this morning.

(She reached into her car and pulled out a basket of strawberries. I was completely flabbergasted by her attitude change, but I was touched that she offered me strawberries!)

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