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At the movie theater I work at, one of our self serve soda machines starts leaking very badly anytime someone uses it. We shut the machine down and instruct customers to go to the other machine until we can get someone to come fix it. One of my coworkers and I open the movie theater one morning and my coworker forgets to open up the working machine. We don’t realize until the first set of customers, a mother and a son, try to use it and inform my coworker at the concessions stand. I quickly go and put in the password to open it but it decides to update and take forever to start up. As this is happening, the mother is watching me and talking to me, telling me they had the same machines where she worked and how much she hated them. The machines can be a pain the in butt sometimes and I tell her about the problem we’re having with the other machine. She then walks over to the other side of the stand where the other machine is and her movie is. I think nothing of it and the machine finally decides to start up. I go back to the box office as other customers start coming in. A little while later, I go to sweep up some popcorn in the lobby and see that the broken machine has been logged into and people have been using it. There is a huge puddle behind the concessions stand that we have to vacuum up. I realize that the woman waiting watched me put in the password on the working machine and went over to the broken machine and opened it up herself. Their movie wasn’t even starting for another 30 minutes and they were waiting for their order of pretzel bites to finish cooking while they were waiting for the working machine to open up. I was very angry and do not understand why she would even do that. I guess it was such an inconvenience to wait for the machine to start up while she was already waiting that she had to make a mess for us.

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