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(Whenever a till reciept roll is about to run out, a red stripe appears down the reciept. Recently, for a Breast cancer awareness campaign, the design on the back of the reciept is bright pink with writing all over it. It’s been 2 days since the new design came in, and so far, I have had this conversation 6 times)

Customer: Oh, looks like this receipt roll is running out!

Me: Oh no, it’s fine. They’ve just changed the back to pink for a campaign.

Customer: *looks at me sceptically* Uh, sure it is.

(Nobody seems to believe me! I asked my coworkers and somehow I’m the only one so far that people are saying this too! I even opened up the printer to show a customer that there was plenty of paper left on the reciept roll, and he still didn’t seem to believe me. I can’t wair for the campaign to end in a month!)

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