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I used to work for a large company in Canada that operated grocery stores under many names. I was a cashier. One day right before school started, I had a family come through buying all sorts of dorm stuff, which I’d been seeing a lot since we were just down the street from the University.

Me: buying stuff for the dorm, eh? Who’s the student?
Dad: my son here! He’s a freshman at [University]!
Me: oh no way! I go there too! I’m in my last year though. It’s a pretty good school.
Dad: well that’s good!
Me: where are you guys from?
Dad: [state]!
Me: oh cool! My sister lives there! She married an American a few years ago.

(We talk for a bit about that as they have a lot of items)

Dad: hey, I almost forgot. Do you guys sell dorm-sized fridges?
Me: no, sorry! I suggest trying Walmart, Canadian Tire, or Home Depot for one of those.
Dad: wait, you have a WALMART in this town?!
Me: (laughs) yes, we have quite a few of them, actually. If you go down [road] from here, you can turn right or left onto [larger road]. Whichever way you go, there will be a Walmart to your right within 5 minutes.
Dad: huh! [Son], guess what?! They have a WALMART here!
Son: (facepalm)

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