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I got a new job working retail inventory after working a dead end job that was causing me too much stress for too little pay.
We get weekends off and don’t work holidays (of which is next to impossible working most retail jobs) and even though the hours can be long and we travel a lot I still enjoy it (and I got a raise).
Thoughout my days I hear constant string of comments from customers commenting on my work. “Must be inventory day!”
Or when using my scanner machine for my totals. “Don’t you get tired of that beeping? Don’t you hear that in your sleep?”
Or when standing on my cart that has a 3 foot ladder on it. “How does it feel to be going up in the world?”
I have learned just to laugh it off and nod. On this day in particular we have worked 10 hours and are eager to go home. I’m returning back to the office where my boss is and I notice there’s an employee waiting outside the door for a manager that my boss is talking to. As I walk up the employee turns to me.
Employee: “I’d hate to have your job. Yeah, I would. It would drive me nuts. I would HATE to have your job.”
It’s been a long day already and I’m not in the mood for any more goofy comments. But I decided instead of being rude to always go the route of the smart a**.
Me: “No weekends no holidays.”
I said with a smirk.
The employees face acted like as if he was visibly smacked. His whole demeanor suddenly changed.
Employee: “Oh that doesn’t sound bad! That doesn’t sound bad at all!”
Fortunately my boss let us go shortly after that and I enjoyed a nice snack on the way home.

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