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There’s only a few full-service gas stations in our area, normally I pump my own gas, but I was heading into town knowing i had a long drive the next day. So i stopped at full-service that is handy on the way in . We own an auto-repair garage and I’ve worked on or around cars all my life, so while I’m not a mechanic I have more than the basic knowledge. I also have a brand new vehicle. Over-filling to round up the dollar amount, can damage the valves in the gas tank, which can cause expensive issues later… like having to replace a gas tank. I don’t allow people to do that on my vehicles and i always try to warn attendants when pumping my gas. it’s also against the rules of the gas stations here, and to only do it if a customer requests it. I’ve worked at gas stations before, so I know what they’re supposed to be taught.

I pull up to the pumps, start looking around for the attendant, normally they wear jackets with the company brand and a bright safety vest. So I was surprised when I saw a younger person in a bright pink jacket and no vest approach me. It was busy with 3 other vehicles.

Me: “I’d like a fill please, and…”
her: “okay”
she walked away so quickly I didn’t get to say anything else. she set the pumps, and was going in and out of the store while I was waiting(getting change or running credit cards). I hear the pump click off and I see her reach for the handle and start to squeeze it to top up the gas.
Me: “Don’t…” I wasn’t yelling or rude, just trying to stop her from doing it.
She glares at me.
Me: “Sorry, it’s a new vehicle and I don’t want to be rounded up as it can cause damage.”
More glaring as she takes my money and goes into the store to get the change. I then proceed to wait, and wait, i think she was hoping I would just drive off. After waiting over five minutes, she finally comes out with my change. As I hold my hand out the window, she stands there glaring some more…
her: You know, you didn’t need to be so rude, you could have told me before!”
me: “I’m sorry, but you moved away as I was trying to tell you to not do it.”
she glared at me for about another minute before handing me my change.
That whole time she was making another 3 cars wait to either pay or get their gas. Normally the service there is excellent, they usually still wash windows etc.

I did contact the company, explained what happened, she was given a verbal reprimand and educated about the rules. they offered me a gift card for more than the i paid for, but it would have required going back to that station. For some odd reason I was unwilling, especially since my new vehicle is distinctive.

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