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A week before my wedding, I was spending time with my soon-to-be husband and my family before moving nine hours away with my husband. My husband is texting one of his groomsmen, who asks him if he heard about one of his other groomsmen.
Husband: What about him?
Groomsman #1: He said he might not be able to make it.
Me and husband: What do you mean, he won’t be able to make it?
Groomsman #1: Well, he lives in Texas and might not be able to afford a plane ticket.
Me: Was he not planning to tell us this?
My husband then texts Groomsman #2, who confirms the story.
Me: I’m gonna kill him. (to my sister, one of my bridesmaids) Are you okay with walking down the aisle alone?
Sister: Sure?
After conferring with me, my husband offers to buy the groomsman a plane ticket to where his other groomsman lived so that they could drive up together. The Groomsman #2 accepted, and a couple days later, he was flying up–but told us, at this point only a day or two before the wedding, that he still hadn’t been fitted for a tux! My in-laws graciously offered to let him get fitted and pay the overnight fee for shipping it, but he assured us that he had a tailor friend who could get him fitted for a tux once he got off the plane.
Me: It’s not going to be the same as the other groomsmen! We specifically made it so that the cost was down as much as possible, and he’s not even going to follow it! I’m gonna kill him!
Keep in mind, I had never met this person before, but he was one of my husband’s best friends from high school, and my husband really wanted him there, so when he showed up for the wedding rehearsal, I kept my mouth shut and focused on showing my baby sisters how to be flower girls. I was still concerned about the suit, but at that point, what could I do?
Fortunately, the wedding itself was fine. The only differences between his suit and the ones that the groomsmen that actually got fitted where we asked them were a silk stripe down the sides of the legs (barely noticeable from a distance) and a handkerchief in his pocked, which we removed.

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