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(The company who delivers newspapers to our shop has recently changed, and they’re not as good as the previous company. On this particular day, they have delivered our newspapers but not the free calender of the Royal family which was advertised on the front of one of the papers. At around 7am an older gentleman comes in with one of these papers…)

Customer: And I want the free calender too.

Me: I’m sorry Sir. The calendars were not delivered with the newspapers this morning, though my supervisor is trying to get in touch with the company to see if we can get them later.

Customer: Well, will you tell my WHY I came from *town 15 minutes away* when I can’t even get the free calender the newspaper promised me?

Me: Again, I am sorry. As I said my supervisor is trying to get them delivered later. Unfortunately we can’t do much more. We could take your phone number and …

Customer: Ridiculous. I won’t bother giving you my custom.

(With that he left, not even buying the paper he supposedly travelled 15 minutes for. We did get the calendars later, and until then no other customer complained)

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