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(I work at a very well-known fabric store. We offer classes ranging from ‘learn to’ to more advanced lessons. I’m bringing something up from the registers and find an older woman in the motions aisle looking confused and frustrated. I stop for a second, thinking she might need left alone, but decide to ask anyways.)
Me: Hi there, finding everything alright?
Customer: Oh, I’m trying to find some things for this class!
(She shows me a paper, which turns out to be the supply list for the class. I look over it really quick.)
Me: Okay, I can help with that! It looks like a lot of it is in this small section right here.
(We have a panel of basic notions, and while they are also with the regular notions, have different packaging, so they’re often missed.)
Customer: Oh! Thank you!
(A few things were out on the basic notions, but I found them for her with the rest of the notions. We’re nearing the end of the list, and come down to the fabric.)
Me: Okay, so it’s just asking for some fat quarters. Here’s what we have, you can mix and match the prints to what you’d like.
Customer: Oh, that’s a lot! I might need some time.
Me: That’s alright! Since we got everything else, I’ll let you decide on some prints.
Customer: Thank you very much! I learned to sew when I was a teenager, but haven’t really done much since then, and I know the new machines are different. I’m hoping I still can do it!
(She came by after her class to show me the pillow she made, and thanked me again.)

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