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I run the admin side of our family owned repair business. I’m on the phone with a customer in a remote area, who has just approved the cost of the repair. I am now checking how he’d like it returned. They’d sent it to us via express but said they weren’t in a rush for it back so I was a bit thrown.
Me: Will regular post be alright or would you like it expressed?
Customer: Whichever is trackable.
Me: Actually both options offer tracking. The difference will be (approx $50 AUD) for express and it will reach you Tuesday or Wednesday or (approx $25 cost) for regular which should arrive by Friday.
Customer: okay well whichever will arrive safely.
Me: Um, well it’s the same company I can expect they’re both equally safe.
Customer: Okay well whatever happens. You decide.
Me: Okay, well sorry for asking so much it’s just that there’s a difference of $25 – $30 that you’re paying and I don’t want to overcharge you. I did notice you sent it to us via express but you said you’re not in a rush so I was a bit confused. But that’s okay, I’ll sort it out.
Customer: Actually that was the post office’s fault.
Me: oh?
Customer: Yes they didn’t know what they were doing.
Me: Okay…

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