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I’ve recently started cooking, and because I want to try new things I look for recipes online. I never know if my mother in law, who lives with us, likes the food or not.

Last night I made some chicken croquettes with mashed potatoes, corn and a salad. The recipe had great reviews online. I made 8 – I took two, my husband took 2 and she took 1.

Mil – I don’t know if these taste like chicken croquettes. It’s been a while since I had them.
Husband – They do. They’re really good.
Me – Thanks!

Just then my mil gets up to get her second one. My husband smiles at me and holds up 2 fingers.

Finally we’d finished what was on our plates and I ask my husband if he wants another one. He says he’s full. I said I’d go eat another one, and my mil did the same.

It made me feel good that she paid me a high compliment without really saying anything except that she’d eat a third one.

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