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A few years ago I was doing swimming pool equipment repairs for a large company. One day I stopped at my next scheduled stop and knocked on the door only to be answered through the mail slot. After several tries to understand what the homeowner was yelling I finally got them to meet me at the back door “thinking that there couldn’t be a mail slot there”. At least this time they talked to me through the security screen door repeatedly asking me “Where is m pump, you’re boy took my pump?” When I looked at the equipment saw that someone had cut the pump out of the plumbing and there where multiple stickers from multiple companies stuck all over her equipment. At this point all I could do is tell her that I would check to see who had her pump and make them bring it back. About a week later I received a call from saying that “my boy” had brought the pump back but she would only allow me to reinstall it. I quickly did this and only charged her for the work I did. I sure hope the other company got paid for rebuilding her pump and motor,

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