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I’m a retail manager at a clothing store. A year ago I was pregnant and a lot of people tend to remember me for that, even though I don’t remember half of them. One day a woman & her boyfriend come in that remembers me, but I don’t her.

Me: “Okay, your total is (amount).”
Customer: As she hands me money, “Oh, you look bigger than you were before. Like you’ve gained weight?”
Me: “Uhh, what?”
Customer: You know, you look fatter than before.”
Me: “Well I did have a kid and I did gain extra weight.”
Customer: “Yeah I thought so, you look so much bigger than before. I completely understand, I had three kids” *Walks away to her boyfriend.*

After that me and the next customer who I DO know just exchanged confused looks. It didn’t offend me because I gained 50-60 pounds with my pregnancy and never really lost it. I know I am bigger than before & I’m working on it, I’ve lost 20 lbs so far! Also, mind you she said she understands but she is literally the size of a twig. But the way she said it so confidently like it wasn’t rude or out of line shocked me. One day she will say that to the wrong person who will take it so much harder then I did. I hope she never does that though.

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