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*I’m rehersing a speech I have to present in my public speaking class the next day; in order to figure out where I need to improve, I’m recording my speech on my phone. I’m mid-sentence when I get a call on my phone…from my phone. Knowing it’s a scammer, I answer, fulling expecting to levy my fury on them for interrupting me (among other things)*
Scammer (automated): “Hi, this is Microsoft. We’re calling to tell you your IP address has been compromsied from many countries, and your license is expiring. Press 1 to speak to our live representative.”
Me: *presses 1*
Scammer: *hangs up on me*

(Come on–you interrupted me during a really good run of my speech by cloning the number you called me on?! And youdidn’t give me the satisfaction of yelling at you? What kind of heartless, evil scammer are you?)

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