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(I am flying back home from Taiwan on an airline I’ve only flown once before (to get to Taiwan). On both flights, I’ve noticed that everyone freely disregards the seatbelt sign, which feels alien to me as every other flight I’ve been on, people have not only generally respected it but it’s been enforced. The only time I see people obey it after take-off is when we hit shaky turbulence (even during take-off, I see people start to move before the captain has said we’ve hit cruising altitude), and I assume that’s self-preservation. We’ve got about 30 minutes left when the PA says something in Chinese. Then…)
PA: Ladies and gentlemen, in a few minutes, we are going to start our descent. The captain has put the seatbelt sign on. Please return to your seats and put your seatbelts on.
(Immediately, several people stand and head to the toilet. The announcement was said first in Chinese (which I don’t speak) and then English so I start wondering if the English was really that different from the Chinese. After a couple of minutes, we hit shaky turbulence and people grudgingly sit down. The PA speaks again.)
PA: Ladies and gentlemen, we have hit some turbulence. Please now return to your seats and put your seatbelts on.
(The turbulence peters out after a few minutes. I don’t see anyone stand up as the plane slowly descends. When we’re about 10 minutes away, the PA comes on again)
PA: Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to land in 10 minutes. Please ensure you’ve returned to your seat and have your seatbelt on.
(I assume this is just in case anyone had stood up. The plane starts to descend fast, obviously now going for it. But I’m watching the altitude meter and, at 498m, the PA comes on and…)
PA: Ladies and gentlemen, we will land in a minute. Please put your seatbelts on.
(I couldn’t help wondering who wouldn’t have their seatbelt on at this point, especially after three warnings. Then again, having seen everyone’s casual attitude to the seatbelt sign, I also thought the crew probably knew their audience well…)

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