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(This happened many years ago. My parents had recently adopted me at half-a-year old, and they were still getting regular visits from the state’s inspectors to check on everything. Now my going ‘on the market’, so to speak, was very unexpected and sudden; so my parents had coincidentally bought their first dog- a large retriever puppy- just before I was brought home. Cue a few months later- an old friend of my dad’s is visiting one day, and he’s bouncing a tennis ball for the puppy’s amusement while chatting with my dad. Meanwhile, I’m playing nearby in one of those bouncing walkers that babies can sit in and ‘roll’ around the room).
Family friend: “Here, pup!”
>He throws the ball for the dog, but it bounces off a wall and changes direction. Cue the hyperactive retriever puppy jumping after it, only to land on my face with her claws<.
Dad: “Oh my GOD!!!”
Family friend: >extremely apologetic<. “Oh no, oh ****, I’m so sorry! I didn’t see her there!!”
(Mom hears all the racket and comes downstairs to find me crying and bleeding from superficial face wounds). “Holy- WHAT HAPPENED?!?”
Dad: “[Puppy] was trying to go after the tennis ball…”
Family friend: >on the verge of tears now<. “I didn’t realize- I’m so sorry! I’m sorry!!”
Mom: “Well, somehow [puppy] missed her eyes, thank heavens… but you realize we have an inspector coming tomorrow…”
Dad: “Oh NO…”
(Sure enough, I had a large series of red scratches all over my face the next day, and my parents got heavily chewed out by the CPS agent who dropped by. Thankfully, I wasn’t removed from our home; and the scratches completely healed without any problems or scarring. We’re still friends with the aforementioned guy; meanwhile the puppy grew into an abnormally huge, wonderfully crazy mess that I absolutely adored- I still call her ‘my sister’ when talking about her past crazy antics; like the time she ate our walls).

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