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When I first moved out, I ended up in a house turned apartment with 3 other girls. 2 of them were great, but the third was, well, not so great. Every day after work the kitchen would be basically off limits as she made dinner. I once got reamed out by her for trying to wash her dirty dishes because I needed to use the sink myself. She would flip between being friendly and ice cold with me, with no warnings or obvious reasons.

But by far the most annoying thing she would constantly do is walk around listening to podcasts on her phone without earphones. It’s like this girl didnt believe they existed. This was 100x more annoying at 6 in the morning when she let her dog out and had to pass my room. I didnt have to get up until about 7 but every day I would be woken up by her tromping through the hallway with whatever podcast she chose that day blaring from her phone. I do wish I had said something about that but this woman honestly scared me sometimes and I’m already pretty bad at confrontations so I just suffered through it. She was getting married soon after I moved in so I would only have to deal with her for a few months anyways.

To give a bit of context for this next part, there were four bedrooms on our floor and two of them were much smaller than the other two. Less than half the size. I struggled to fit a cot, nightstand, dresser and desk in mine, but hey at least the rent was cheap! And as some consolation the two of us with the small rooms were given the two closets in the hallway. I used my hallway closet for my winter coats and costumes/costume supplies. Half the floor space of that closet housed my almost life sized spherical droid from a popular space opera.

One weekend I was away for a convention. Naturally, my little buddy and most of my costumes came with me. I get back on a Sunday and on Monday decide I should unpack my car. I drag everything in but when I open the closet to put them away, it’s full. A gigantic white fluffy dress is taking up half my closet! It actually took me a few seconds to process the fact that she had put her wedding dress in my closet without so much as saying a word about it! The thing was so fluffy that basically the entire floor was covered, and my winter coats were shoved far to the side to make room for the insane amount of fabric. I didnt know what to do so I shuffled everything into my room (where a droid and one duffle bag now took up all my floor space) and sat on my bed. After a few minutes I finally accepted that confrontation was inevitable and texted her about it.

I asked why her dress was in my closet. Her response? “Oh that’s the only place it would fit.” Bull. Crap. I knew for a fact she had a closet in her room that is the same size as both my closets (the hallway one and the one in my room) combined, plus she had one of those external wardrobe clothes racks (like the ones you see in department stores). She had more than enough room but still decided it was ok to use my closet without asking. Had she asked I might have been more willing to help her out but no, this dress wasnt staying in my space for 2 more months before the wedding. I finally grew a bit of a spine and told her I needed that space.

What did she do? She actually moved it, but without so much as a “sorry.” In fact I barely heard a word from her (other than those darned podcasts) until she moved. It’s a little anticlimactic but as you can tell I’m still a little salty. Fortunately my next roommate is very sweet and considerate, plus I’m happy to say that I’ll be moving out after my wedding in a few months! I wont be borrowing anyone’s closet for my gown, though.

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