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I work at retirement home. I am a server.

On the menu that day was scallops. Previous to the incident I got tons of compliments on the scallops.

Resident: Excuse me!!
Me: Hi (residents name) what can I do for you?
Resident: These scallops are awful!
Me: Im so sorry to hear that!
*Note: there isn’t much I can do as the cook has left to go clean up elsewhere and I cannot give the resident new food.
Resident: I want this to go.
She has tater tots and scallops on her plate
Me: No problem! Lemme gran that for you and I’ll be right back.
I wrap up her tater tots and throw away the scallops. I then walk back to her table and give her the food to go.
Me: I thought you didn’t like them?
Resident: That doesn’t mean I won’t eat them!
Me: *speechless* I’m sorry (residents name) I threw those away because I thought you didn’t want them. Unfortunately (the cook) is not in the kitchen and has taken all the food.
Resident: *huffs and stands up to leave*

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