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My wife is an amazing woman, not only is she an awesome mom to our 2 year old daughter, but she works as a Personal Support Worker for a girl with Down Syndrome and is a private piano and voice teacher through her mother’s piano studio.

We are currently expecting our second child and this past year has been a bit crazy for my wife with physical and emotional exhaustion from the pregnancy and her two jobs. She has been pretty overwhelmed, but has done an amazing job pushing through it all and is excitedly working toward her Maternity leave.

She has told her mother multiple times how overwhelmed she is feeling but despite this we seem to have the same conversation every month or so. The most recent one went a little like this:

Wife: Hey, so mom wants to know if I’m interested in taking on another beginner student.

Me: Really? Now? They’d have, like, 6 lessons before your Mat leave.

Wife: I know. It’s one of Mom’s student’s twin siblings. She said they’re okay with it.

Me: Well, when would the lesson be? Do you think they would want to continue lessons next year?

Wife: I don’t know. If their twin is already taking lessons from Mom, I’m kind of like, why aren’t they also already taking lessons.

Me: Well, I know you’ve been feeling really tired and overwhelmed lately, and it’s probably only going to get worse. It up to you, but it might be worth it if they’ll take lessons again next year. If not I’d probably say no.

Wife: Yeah, I don’t really want to, but I know we could use the money. I just need you to tell me it’s okay to say no.

Me: If you don’t want to, then absolutely say no. It’s not worth your physical or mental health, especially with the baby coming. You can always say no, and we will make it work.

(This would now be the 5th or 6th student she has turned away in as many months for similar reasons. Still not sure what she’s going to do, but I wish my mother-in-law would stop “finding” her students for a bit, at least until she’s back from Mat Leave)

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