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I was at my axe throwing class today when this gem happened. There are two teachers Teacher 1 owns the range and Teacher 2 is the second best axe thrower in Canada. He is also Student 1’s dad and Student 2’s uncle. A couple weeks ago, Student 1 missed a bunch of throws all in a row. He kept on jokingly complaining about the sun in his eyes, even though we were in a windowless building. I always responded somewhat sarcastically. Today however, I was doing better than usual (multiple bullseye’s or close to a bullseye in a row). On one set of three throws, I was competing against Student 1 when I missed the target all three times. Teacher 1 looked surprised and Teacher 2 gave me a funny look. I looked him dead in the eye and said,
“The sun was in my eyes” It took a solid ten minutes before we could go back to throwing because everyone was laughing so hard.

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