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(I am the customer at a cafe. There is no service at the table, everything has to be ordered at the counter. Pastries and cakes are not displayed out, instead there is a printed menu that customers have to browse, while hovering next to the counter, as they only have one copy. Me and cashier are both native speakers and local, there is no language barrier involved.)
Me (Looking at a long list of pastries): “I’m sorry, are all these pastries available or just some of them?”
Cashier, rudely: “Just look at the menu.”
Me: “Could I have a coffee and a danish, please?”
Cashier replies rudely: “We’re out of danish!”
Me: “A strawberry jam cake, please?”
Cashier: “We’re out!”
Me: “A cheesecake?”
Cashier: “Also out!”
Me: “But, what do you have?”
Cashier: “Look at the menu!”
(I finally found a pastry that was available. The reason I was so patient was because the cafe was famous for its pastries, and it really was delicious. Still didn’t excuse the service quality, though.)

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