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I’m at an amusement park with my sister, her husband, and their 7-year-old daughter. It’s her first visit to an amusement park and while she’s tall for her age, we’re only sticking to rides she can handle. As we get into one ride, the operators are clearly extremely distracted, chattering back and forth and giggling with one another. My sister and I buckle into one seat while the little girl gets in with her dad on another; now, her dad works for the railroad and is a big, hefty guy, and she’s a tiny little girl, but this hasn’t been an issue on any of the rides so far.

Cue the safety check. The reason for the operators’ distraction becomes clear, as they are far more focused on giving these instructions to each rider than actually checking the belts and bars: “When you come out at the bottom, it’s [Operator]’s birthday. Yell ‘Happy birthday, [Operator]!’ as you come out of the ride, okay?” They repeat it to everyone and rush through the check.

And they ignore my brother-in-law waving his hand, trying to get their attention, yelling at them that the restraint bar in their car didn’t lock. He manages to smash it in as the ride launches, crushing his leg, and none of us enjoy any of the ride as we’re freaked out about my niece getting thrown free and possible injury to my brother-in-law’s leg.

Nobody yells “happy birthday” as we get out of the ride. My sister chews out the ride manager for carelessness, but the manager doesn’t seem to understand or care what happened and we finally walk away. My brother-in-law had some bruises, but it took the rest of the day to convince my niece it was okay to go on another ride. We finally got her to go on a regular roller coaster and she loved it, but the day could have ended in disaster. High spirits are one thing, but do your darn safety checks before launching a ride! Especially with kids!

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