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(In 2016, one of my cats runs away and the other has to be put down for health reasons. I am deeply devastated as the two cats were integral to my process of getting through either a panic attack or a day of deep depression. My family gets a kitten right away, but she makes it clear that she is my brother’s cat.
Pining for feeling affection, I keep begging and bargaining with my parents about getting another cat. As it draws closer to the time I graduate from college, I nearly give up until I find out through a series of people about a kitten. My parents finally relent, as my mother wants another cat as well. We head out to the farm she was left at, deciding to take her at once. However, the entire trip, my mother is doubtful of the jet black kitten, as she was partially feral. This shows right away as the kitten hides and disappears for over a week. Even after we find her again and try to shower her with affection, she remains skittish.
A month after we adopted her, I wake up feeling extremely nauseated from the side effects of my medication. I struggle to get dressed as I cannot afford to miss any classes this semester. As I do so, I hear the all too familiar sounds of claws trying to pry open a door. Due to it being early morning, I figure it is my brother’s cat wanting to be let out of his room.
I open the door of my bedroom to find instead that the sound came from the kitten trying to get into my room! The kitten blinked her amber eyes at me, mewed, then ran past me and jumped onto my bed. As she was purring like a motorcycle, I decided to take the chance and lie next to her, cuddling and petting her. The skittish kitten did not move or stop purring until I had to get up and finish getting ready for school. At that time, she jumped off of my bed and ran downstairs.
Those few minutes with her gave me enough strength to last through the day, making my extreme nausea only feel like background noise. The kitten is now starting to warm up to the family, even though we call her both “Amaranth” and “Black-Streak-That-Went-Thataway”.

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