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(A bit of back story. I was adopted and around 5 years ago I met my birth father and siblings. My oldest brother, whom this story is about, is really the only one of my siblings I still talked to on a regular basis. He decided he wanted to start a business where he helps restaurants that have a of health code violations. I agree to do a spreadsheet of 4 towns in the area for $20 an hour/an hour per tab.)

Me on phone: So the total is $80.
Brother: It took you four hours to do this? I’ve talked to others who said it could take them 1.5 to 2.
Me: Well I had to look up the information on the department of heath website, I copied how many violations they had, then you wanted the restaurants’ websites and emails which aren’t on the DoH website. That takes time.
At this point we said we’d talk the next day because I’d ordered dinner and we had to go pick it up.

The next day I hadn’t heard from him so I texted him:

Me: checking in
Brother: can we chat in half an hour?
Me: sure
Brother: *few minutes later* Can you please send me your PayPal link?
Me: *sends it*

A few minutes later he sends me $40, half of the agreed upon rate. Then he calls me. I don’t pick up. He texts me and says he sent me money. I don’t answer. The next day I send him the screenshot of the agreement we had in text messages. He replied to that email with a ?

The kicker? The Friday before I’d gone with him to pick up an amp set up for his guitar and the guy gave him a $100 discount and he argued with the guy asking him if he was sure. But he wouldn’t pay me what we agreed upon. So I hope he has a nice life.

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