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, | Unfiltered | January 4, 2022

When someone calls my store, there’s an automated voice telling you which number to punch to direct your call. After that, the calls are routed to the correct department and someone answer’s with the store greeting.

Me: Thank you for calling (store), this is (my name). How can I help you?
Caller: Customer service.
Me: Yes, how can I help you today?
Caller: (*Huffs*) Customer. Service.
Me: (*Confused*) Are you looking for a product?
Caller: YES!
Me: Okay, I can help you. What are you looking for?
Caller: CUSTOMER SERVICE! (*to someone else*) God, these automated systems are so stupid. Why can’t they give you a real person?
Me: Uh … I’m a real person.
Caller: Oh. F***. (*click*)

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