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Unfortunately, my friend got very bad pain and couldn’t walk and talk. I brought her to the ER. Because she was in such a bad pain, I got her an wheelchair at the entrance. If you do so, you need to leave your ID or Passport at the front desk.
Also, at the beginning you get a paper and a doctor will write there, every procedure, which has to be done. So, else you can’t enter the areas.
Firstly, my friend got a number, with which we entered the first door. After that she had to give an blood sample.
At the 3rd area, that we had to enter with the paper, my friend got a catheter and we had to sit and the nurse applied some painkillers.
My friend suddenly got worse and had to vomit badly. But it was very crowded and the nurse said, that I should care for my friend by myself. So, I put my friend in an other chair and put her legs up the wheelchair. It made her feel a little better.
But suddenly out of no where and eldery guy appeared and shouted:
“I need to sit in this wheelchair!”
“Sorry, my friend is very bad at the moment. You can get a wheelchair at the entrance. Or give me your ID and I will quickly get you one!”

“Noo I am dying!”

I just could remove my friend’s feed in time, or he would have sat on them.
I again told him, that it is our chair and if he needs one, I can get him one.
But he didn’t want to give me his ID. Instead, he started to talk like a chatterbox.
But I am a foreigner and couldn’t understand him well.
So, I waved to an other girl and asked her for help.
She called a nurse.

” Uncle, where is your paper?.. You don’t have one? And your relatives?.. No one? Why did you come here?.. Ultra sound? It is somewhere else. You need to go there. Yes, but firsly, you need to get your paper. Sorry, I am very busy. Just go to the entrance and they will help you.”

Then the old guy tried to wheel away with our chair.
So again, I told him that he can’t use it but I will get one for him with his ID.
But he just shouted, that he is dying and needs an ultrasound.

After a few minutes, I found a guard and he promised to get somone to help but it would take a while.

After 30 Minutes the old man suddenly shouted ” I want to go home! Bring me to the exit!!”

“But someone will come, to bring you to the ultrasound.”

“Nooooo! I want to go home!!!”

The guard said, if he wants to go home, he can leave anytime.

“This girl has to wheel me to the entrance!!!”

I agreed, just to get him away, because my friend was feeling really bad.
I couldn’t care for her at all because this guy always complained about something.

So I wheeled him to the exit
” Okay take care! I have to get back to my friend.”
“Nooo. Bring me outside!!”
” But..”

“Now bring me home. Cross the street and then left.”

I thought, better play the dumb foreigner.

“Uncle. I don’t understand you. I need to go to my friend!”

“Home. Home. I want!!”

“Sorry? What do you want? I will ask this guard to help you.. I don’t understand you..”

“Okay. I will take a taxi!!”

As we were close to the taxi stand, I wheeled him there and asked a guy for help.
But suddenly, this “poor little old guy”, who was dying in the hospital, jumped out of the wheelchair and ran towards the taxi.
The taxi driver helped him and faced torwards me and asked ” …and you? Should I wait until you return the wheelchair?”
” No, I don’t belong to him. I just helped him.”

After that, I finally could return to my friend.
We had to go to various other doctors until they finally found out, what was wrong with her.

But I still can’t understand, how this guy could enter the areas, without showing his paper at least one time. We had to show it three times…

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