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This is kinda a 2 day story.
First back story I am newly working in a hotel as housekeeping and almost every shift I work with the same front desk coworker. This coworker has a family connection to the owners of the hotel (great uncle or something) so I have been told he can not be fired and since he knows this he does what he pleases which I am told has resulted in numerous complains.
Oh side note our town is a rail road town so we have over a dozen rooms reserved for the train guys.

Day 1
One of our long term guests comes down to the lobby I am in there cleaning so I ask her if she needs anything. She tells me that she had a package sent to the hotel and it should have arrived a couple of days ago so my manager said she can go to the post office with him. I tell her he has just left for the day and she becomes very upset. She starts asking for his number or for me to contact him. I decided to get my coworker since he spoke to my manager before he left so he might know better what is going on and I do not feel comfortable giving out a member of staff’s private number.
Coworker tells her he has left for the day and she has to wait until tomorrow. She again asks for his number and he tells her no. She asks if he can call and he tells her no I won’t do that. Seeing how upset she is I decide to pull out my cell and I call my manager. I tell her I am calling and she starts to calm down. I find out that he on his way to check the mail and will come back if her package is there. Hearing this she calms right down still a little upset (understandably) but she is calm.
After she leaves my coworker gives me crap for calling. According to him we can not call management in front of the guest nor can we tell them we will call. He also claimed he would have called after she left and that I made him look stupid.
Her package was there and my manager said I handled it well but requested next time I step away from the guest (tell them I’m going to call but step into the office).

Day 2
I arrive to find that one of the other housekeeper wasn’t working on her list of rooms to clean and that she will be off shortly. She claimed she didn’t see her list which is honestly crap because it is in the same spot every day and hers was on top of the pile even the others whose started at the same time saw her list.
After the manager speaks to her she comes to me and tries to get me to do most of her list, I tell her no. Then my manager speaks to me telling me he understands why I said no but warns me that we have a large number of guests coming in tonight and we will need clean rooms.
I start working on my list right away and thankfully 2 other coworker decide to help me and we get my list done in record time. All I have left is the train rooms. While working on one I have 2 men walk to the next room and the one after that. I hear one comment about how the room is still dirty. I walk out to check what is going on and discover both rooms are still dirty. The men are very verbal about their feelings. I apologize and tell them that they will have to be assigned new rooms at front desk. They ask if I will go up and talk to my coworker I agree and start going while they get their suitcases.
When I arrive at the desk my coworker is checking in a husband and wife. The husband opens the envelope that the keys are part to find one key. He asks for a second key for his wife and my coworker rolls his eyes. Both the guest and I see. After getting second key they start walking away but I can’t help hearing the husband call my coworker an a**hat.
I tell my coworker about the “mix up” with the rooms and the men are given new rooms. Thankfully my coworker wait until after the men leave to tell me it is not a big deal they are over reacting. I then decide to check the list from the other housekeeper to find both the rooms were on it. Turns out he had marked all her rooms as cleaned. I make him change it which he does reluctantly.
I go to finish my train rooms and start on the other housekeepers list so we have more rooms available for walk ins. While working on hers I notice that the TV in one of the rooms is going. At the same time my coworker walks past. I stop him and asks about it. He tells me he recently put a guest in there. I tell him I don’t think it’s clean and try to explain. He brushes me off and says “someone is in there so it must be clean”. I am upset about this and message one of the two who helped me earlier and asked for advice. She suggested I message my manager and tell him everything so I do.
At this point I am upset and suspect that my coworker will be angry with me especially since I made him “look stupid” two days in a row. I run in to the guest from the day before. She has clearly been drinking but is excited to see me so I take a few minutes to talk to her. She thanks me for all the help the day before and that she would “give me gold stars”. She then points at my coworkers and says “not him I’d give him poop” (she actually says poop) I couldn’t help but laugh. She continues to tell me that she enjoys seeing me and I’m always so helpful and kind. When she stumbles back to her room she leaves me feeling good.

Day 2 was honestly really crappy but my two coworkers helping me so I could get more done and the drunk guest really made my day better. The drunk guest really helped me see that even on poopy days there can be gold stars.

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