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(This happened years ago when I was in eighth grade. At the end of the school day, I return to my locker and find that someone has stuck a wad of used gum on my locker. It’s not on the part that you have to touch, but it is right above that at my eye level. I am a germaphobe, so I refuse to try and get it off myself. I find my fourth-period teacher and tell her what happened. She assures me that she will file a report.
The next morning, the gum is still on my locker. Unfortunately, because people are idiots, students aren’t allowed to go to their lockers and classrooms until about ten minutes before the first bell and must sit in either the cafeteria or auditorium depending on their grade. This means I didn’t have time to go to the office and complain about the gum before class started. I plead with my first-period teacher to write me a pass to the office, which she eventually does.
Once at the office, after I tell my story for the third time, they call the custodian over the walkie talkie. There is another girl in the office who’s locker is jammed and needs the custodian to open it. Since my locker is much closer, we’re told to go wait by it. About five minutes later, the custodian finally arrives. She looks at the wad of gum on my locker, then looks at me and the girl.)
Custodian: Who’s locker is this?
Me: Mine.
Custodian: You couldn’t get this off yourself, why? It’s not on the part you touch. Just should’ve just gotten a paper towel and picked it off. Ugh.
(The girl and I exchange nervous glances. The custodian dramatically gets out a paper towel and picks the gum off the locker, all while muttering to herself in Spanish-which I guess she thought I didn’t speak since I’m white. I couldn’t hear exactly what she was saying, but it was something along the lines of “waste of time.”)
Custodian: (to the other girl) And what’s your problem? Do you have gum on your locker too? Hm?
Girl: No, my locker is jammed.
Custodian: Fine. Take me there.
(I did not report the custodian, because, at that point, I already had low self-esteem from being bullied, and undiagnosed anxiety. The only reason I did anything about the gum was because of the germophobia.)

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