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(A customer comes in who I recognize as someone who has given us confusing orders to do in the past. She will send 20 or so photos through multiple emails and constantly change her mind about which photos she wants which size and how many she wants of each. She is picking up a previously completed order so I grab it from the bin and start to give it to her)

Customer: That’s not right, I can already tell. That package is too small.

Me: Oh. Well let’s take a look. (I take the photos out and they have all been printed as 4×6)

Customer: No, I wanted them full page!

Me: Oh, sorry about that. I can reprint them right now for you. Do you still have the photos on your phone?

Customer: No no no, this is terrible! How did the girl mess this up so bad!?

Me: I’m sorry, she must have just gotten confused. But I’ll fix it for you. So you wanted them 8.5×11?

Customer: Ugh, she really f***ed this up!

Me: Um, I understand you’re frustrated, but I said I would fix it.

Customer: I just don’t understand how she could have messed this up this badly! Ugh, and no, I didn’t even want 2 of each! She printed 2 of each!

Me: The order form clearly says 2 of each. Why would she have written that if that’s not what you wanted?

Customer: I don’t know! Because she was just f***ing everything up! And why the h*** would I want my pictures this small!?

Me: Well the person who booked it in is new, and if you didn’t specify a page size, she probably just thought you meant standard picture size, which these are. And besides stating a size, according to the order form, this order has been done correctly.

Customer: Ugh, I can’t believe how badly this got f***ed up! Sorry for swearing. I’m having a bad day.

(I don’t say anything and wait for her stop complaining and get her pictures pulled up on her phone. She finally emails them to me and we look at them together and she tells me which ones she wants 5 of, and which ones she wants 1 of)

Me: So to clarify before I print these off, you 5 copies of all of theses ones here? (I highlight them on the computer)

Customer: Yes.

Me: And 1 of this one?

Customer: Yes.

(I print the pictures and bring them over to her to look through.)

Customer: Ugh you messed it up too! I only wanted 1 of this one and you printed 5!

Me: No, you said you wanted 5 of that one. There was only one photograph you wanted 1 of.

Customer: Ugh, fine whatever, I’ll just take them.

Me: You know in the future, if you came in with all your photos on a flashdrive or something, and had them organized as to how you wanted them printed, it would be a lot easier for you when you came in. It would be faster too.

Customer: No, I can only get them on my phone.

(After I cash her out, she starts to complain about the price)

Customer: I thought they were 10 cents each!?

Me: No, the paper is 10 cents each; the colour prints are 40 cents.

Customer: No, I saw a form that said that were 10 cents!

Me: Maybe you were looking at the black and white prices.

Customer: No, the girl showed me a thing with a bunch of papers on it and they all had different prices.

Me: … yes, those are the paper prices.

Customer: No one told me you also have to pay for the printing!

Me: I think it’s pretty clear. But I remember the first time you came in and I explained to you how the pricing works.

Customer: Yeah well it’s misleading! And then there’s that stupid service fee that you charge!

(this customer baffled me so much that I told my manager about it when I was leaving for the day and he said that he was working when she had come in to book the order in but he didn’t know about it until she was leaving, and the new girl who was booking her order in was shaking by the time she left! No wonder her order was done “wrong”)

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