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(My mum, sister and I all went to our bank to take cash out for some markets on the Queen’s Birthday weekend. The ATM’s had insufficient cash.)

Me: Hi, I’d like to withdraw $100, please.
Teller: I’m sorry, we don’t have sufficient funds.
Me: You.. you don’t have $100. Why not?
Teller: We always run out of cash on the holiday weekend.
Me: So… why not take more cash out of the safe for the holiday? Surely you would know by now to budget a larger amount of cash.
Teller: That’s not our policy.
Me: Fine. Okay. You know what? I’d like to close my account. I need cash today, and you can’t give me any so I’m going elsewhere. (Mum & sister were told the same, and were reacting the same.)
Teller: Oh.. okay. Well there is a fee for personal checks over $1,000. (I had a couple dollars over $1,000 in there.) Sign here-
Me: No. I’m not paying a fee to get my own money out.
Teller: You have to! It’s policy!
Me: Your policies are crap, your bank is crap, I’m leaving with my money and I’m not paying a damn cent to get it. You’ll give me my money with no charges, thank you.
(All 3 tellers gave us the filthiest looks as they closed our accounts. We went across the road to a better bank, got accounts opened in ten minutes and were able to withdraw all the cash we wanted! I’ve been with that bank now for 14 years with zero issues.)

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